Google Sucks Too

May 23, 2009

Just to let you know 🙂
= big co
thats why!


Yahoo Sucks

May 23, 2009

” … so I google it. The top link is a Yahoo news story. I click on it, and it’s a dead link …

Then, beneath the Yahoo 404 message, it offers Yahoo search results for my google search phrase. Again, the top link is a Yahoo news story claiming to have the full text (though a different URL than the Google result). Again, it’s a dead link.”

“Just blowing off steam here–in the past hour, Yahoo has asked me to re-log in 5 times”

Yahoo! Sucks!

Geocities Meet Horizon

April 26, 2009

“…Yahoo bought the company near the peak of the dotcom bubble for more than $3 billion, which, along with the rise of alternative services, quickly spelled the end of GeoCities’ prominence. Today, the end of GeoCities is being made official, as Yahoo has closed the service to new accounts and posted an FAQ with some details as to how the shutdown will go.”

Grave Times At Yahoo

April 23, 2009

An October 21, 2008 report indicates Yahoo! lost 1,430 jobs as income fell 64%!

An April 22, 2009 report shows another 5% of Yahoo employees will lose their jobs as decline at Yahoo continues.

There is no hope for recovery at Yahoo. Search is now a, thing. IM lost to phone messaging. Email is dead. Grave times at Yahoo!

Calling Yahoo!

April 20, 2009

Finally received a call from Yahoo! (Personals) about my refund. Just a day they claimed the 3 day window to cancel with refund was gone.

Yahoo! made every effort not to refund my $70.00. I called them 12 times to unlock the account or get a refund and each time had to be verified.

Verification at Yahoo! is complicated by calls going to an offshore office, language barriers, international call drops and Yahoo! gives them zero data to work with.

Yahoo! is capable of handling transactions within the U.S and remain profitable otherwise, its not a viable business model.

Yahoo Express Fail

April 15, 2009

Yahoo locked my email account for no reason! This is the second time Yahoo! has locked my account!

I have called Yahoo and explained I did nothing wrong … all their calls go to some other country and those people are of little help.

Soon something bad will happen to Yahoo! and I will be very happy!!!

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